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The equation is simple...

Extrafoxx = Conwae Burrell + friends.

Extrafoxx is an alias for Brisbane indie mainstay Conwae Burrell. Over the years Extrafoxx has been one of those bands that is an enigma - a flux of various well-known and unknown musicians that come together and perform around Brisbane's renowned Valley scene. They are a band that brings a smile to your face when mentioned; a band that makes you check your diary as soon as you hear they're playing, and you look forward to their shows with a sense of anticipation. But at the centre of it all has been singer-songwriter Conwae Burrell and his compositions.

When Extrafoxx perform they capture the attention of fans and musos alike. Musos are attracted by Burrell's innate creative capacity to write captivating hook-laden tunes that are as engaging as they are simple. Meanwhile, the fans are consumed by his presence; an uber-personality, both on and off the stage; a loveable bear with a witty banter and modest manner. But they also come for the songs - those songs you want to hear over and over again. Those songs you find compelled to sing along with, and with an exuberance you didn't realise you still had; songs that are enchanting, immediate and contagious.

Extrafoxx are about to release their debut self-titled studio album. It features 12 well-rounded indie-pop tracks. The songs are a collage of guitar-synth pop, bluesy-rock and alt-country - a patchwork of indie-pop that embraces the charm of classic song-writing, the brashness of punk and the feel-good sensibility that is Extrafoxx. This album marks an important milestone for Burrell being his first studio release and he has taken his songs from bedroom to studio with stunning results. It's post-modern, cheeky, and addictive! Extrafoxx is a band with songs full of personality, attitude and sensitivity; sometimes a full-frontal pop assault, sometimes dreamy balladry, but always original, quirky, and compelling.

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